Four E-Tools You Can’t Afford To Miss

Now that you’ve identified key industries in your area, this session will help you locate those firms in your community as well as key occupations and skills requirements.  This presentation quickly guides you through four e-tools that:

  • Help you find employers (Employer Locator)
  • Take a fresh look at skills transferability (My Next Move)
  • Provides key O*NET resources useful to employers (O*NET Toolkit for Business), and Job seekers alike (mySkills myFuture)

Supporting Resources

Link mySkills myFuture Webinar

This is a recording of the Webinar given on Workforce3One on mySkills myFuture (video) on September 9, 2010.

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Link O*NET Toolkit for Business

The O*NET Toolkit for Business provides information and data for HR (Human Resources) professionals to create…

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