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Information is power.  These Labor Market Information (LMI) tools and resources will give you the data ammunition you'll need to make informed decisions about workforce development priorities and strategies.  Learn how to analyze and interpret your information to make data driven decisions and engage businesses.

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Training Materials

Understand, Engage, Deliver and Measure...these training materials will help you do just that. Learn how to connect and partner with your business community to address your workforce challenges.

The Data Dozen

Presented by Frank Gallo | Length: 10 Min.

Using E-Tools to Identify Occupations

Presented by Frank Gallo | Length: 6 Min.

Using E-Tools to Identify Growing Industries

Presented by Frank Gallo | Length: 7 Min.

Using E-Tools to Investigate Industry Concentration Ratios

Presented by Frank Gallo | Length: 4 Min.

Four E-Tools You Can’t Afford To Miss

Presented by Jen Troke | Length: 11 Min.

2.1 (Re)Defining Business Services Based on Business Needs

2.2 Aligning Job-Seeker Strategies with Business Needs and Hiring Practices

Module 4: Demand-Driven Workforce Development

4.2 Identifying Current Workforce Development Challenges in Targeted Sectors for Development of Service

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Value Add Resources

Check out these key resources that enhance the training materials. Learn about how your peers are adding value to the customers they serve.

Link Employer Locator

This tool identifies local businesses in specific industry sectors.

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Video George Carter - The Award Winning Business Enhancement Support Team (BESTeam)

The award winning  Business Enhancement Support Team (BESTeam) is comprised of business resource providers that deliver quality services…

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Link Salary Information

This tool provides median, high, and low wages for an occupation in a specific state or zip code area.<…

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Link Job Banks

This site helps businesses to identify job banks to post job openings and review resumes of potential candidates. State…

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Link The Regional Economic Development site

The Regional Economic Development site provides tools to help regional economies drive economic transformation through talent development.

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Video Thomas Gonzalez - Using And Extending Economic Data And Competencies

Learn how Colorado is using and extending economic data and competencies to stay relevant, to attract business, and to…

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Link CareerOneStop’s Regional Economic Development Portal Flyer

This flyer outlines the six-step model where regions can integrate economic and workforce development activities and develop talent to…

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Link Guide to State and Local Workforce Data

This Guide provides comprehensive coverage of the most valuable workforce data sources from government and private sector sources —…

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Link Internet Links for State and Local Employment Projections

This new reference offers links to all published industry and occupational projections for the 50 states, plus the District of…

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