Using LinkedIn to Engage Business & Connect to High-Skilled Job Seekers

Workforce Solutions (Houston-Galveston, Texas) actively uses LinkedIn via the creation of an Aerospace Transition Center group to help promote candidates to employers as well as provide job leads and create a professional networking opportunity.  During this training module, Veronica discusses why Workforce Solutions chose LinkedIn to engage the Aerospace industry and demonstrates the robust capabilities of this free social media tool.

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Supporting Resources

Link LinkedIn Learning Center

The LinkedIn Learning Center provides an overview of LinkedIn.  The site features section houses many short videos to…

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File Introduction to LinkedIn - WorkforceSolutions

This presentation, prepared by Workforce Solutions (Houston-Galveston, TX) explains LinkedIn's role in job searching. It also covers how…

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File LinkedIn Advanced Workshop-Workforce Solutions

Want to learn MORE about LinkedIn? This presentation, created by WorkforceSolutions (Houston-Galveston, TX)  includes information on how to…

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Link Twitter Basics

The Twitter Basics site provides a thorough overview of how to use Twitter from setting up a profile to…

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Video Veronica Reyes - LinkedIn Creates a Professional Networking Opportunity

Workforce Solutions has also been actively using LinkedIn via the creation of an Aerospace Transition Center group to help…

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Video Veronica Reyes - Aerospace Transition Center (ATC) Uses LinkedIn For The Hiring Process

Find out how the Aerospace Transition Center (ATC) chose LinkedIn to communicate with candidates and business.  The return…

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Video Veronica Reyes - Using LinkedIn To Help Measure Results

In addition to the more well-known features of LinkedIn, Business Service Representatives in Houston are using this social media…

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Video Veronica Reyes - Using LinkedIn To Track Closed Jobs

The Aerospace Transition Center in Houston, Texas is using LinkedIn to track closed jobs with employers and to more…

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