Social Media Policy & Use

Many federal agencies, including the Government Services Administration (GSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have comprehensive policies regarding the use of social media.  These policies can be adapted to your organization's needs and may be used to overcome possible resistance to social media use.  This video discusses GSA’s government service agreements with a large variety of free social media providers.  David suggests, "If you can say this is good enough with the GSA then it should be good enough for your local manager.”

Supporting Resources

Link DOL Social Media Portal

View the US Department of Labor's social media website.

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Link GSA Social Media Directory

GSA has government service agreements with many free social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and RSS…

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Link GSA Social Media Policy

Policies and guidance on social media from the US General Services Administration (GSA).

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File The Department of Labor and Gov 2.0

Gov 2.0 is the government use of social media.  Learn the policy and procedures put forth by GSA for…

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Video David Roberts - Making A Business Case For Social Media

Learn why it is critical to make the business case for social media and provide education regarding use of…

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Video Dianna Schuler - BSR Makes A Case For Social Media To Connect With Customers

Learn how one business service representative made the case for social media to their leadership so they would approve…

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