Choosing the Correct Social Media Tool(s) to Meet Your Business Engagement Goals

During this training module you will learn how to select the correct social media tools to meet your organization's business engagement goals by answering three basic questions:

  1. Who is your Audience?
  2. What is your Message?
  3. What Resources are available?

In addition, you will be provided helpful practical tips as well as on inventory of free on-line tools to help you chose the correct tools to meet your goals. 

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Supporting Resources

Link Prezi Presentation: Choosing the Correct Social Media Tool to Meet your Business Engagement Goals

With all of the social media tools available, how do you decide which tool to use? This brief presentation…

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Link Directory of Learning Tools 2011

Over 2,000 tools for learning and working in education and the workplace.  This website, published by the British Centre…

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Link Introduction to Social Media: Illinios workNet Center

This 5-part webinar series covers topics including: Creating a Social Media Strategy, Basics of Social Media, Social Media Tools,…

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Link PollDaddy Link

What kind of social media tools do you use? Example of how you can use free polling tools to…

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Video Dave Roberts - Choosing Social Media

There are many Social Media tools available for free use.  Dave Roberts of the Office of Public Affairs,…

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File Jobvite: 2010 Social Recruiting Survey Results

Social media has been an engine for rapid transformation in both personal and business use of the Internet. For…

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