Social Media

Do you Tweet? Are we Facebook Friends? What’s your YouTube Channel? 

Social media is a powerful communication and networking tool and its influence continues to grow exponentially.  By correctly choosing and utilizing social media tools, your organization can greatly increase its ability to engage business, build its brand and more effectively communicate with its target audience in real-time. Yet, with thousands of tools in existence -Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, PollDaddy, YouTube, Blogs, Wikis, etc. - jumping into the social media arena may seem to be a daunting task.  The training materials in this topic will help you navigate the social media world and provide you practical advice and resources to:

  1.  Identify the correct social media tools to meet your business engagement needs;
  2. Learn how BSRs are successfully using social media to engage business and build a strong brand; and
  3. Present a case to management as to why you should be empowered to use social media.

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Training Materials

Understand, Engage, Deliver and Measure...these training materials will help you do just that. Learn how to connect and partner with your business community to address your workforce challenges.

Choosing the Correct Social Media Tool(s) to Meet Your Business Engagement Goals

Presented by Rebecca Livingston | Length: 10 Min.

Using LinkedIn to Engage Business & Connect to High-Skilled Job Seekers

Presented by Veronica Reyes | Length: 28 Min.

Virtual Career Fairs, Constant Contact & Polling Tools to Deliver Business Services

Presented by Melissa Terbrueggen | Length: 11 Min.

Social Media Policy & Use

Presented by David Roberts | Length: 2 Min.

Value Add Resources

Check out these key resources that enhance the training materials. Learn about how your peers are adding value to the customers they serve.

Video Veronica Reyes - Aerospace Transition Center (ATC) Uses LinkedIn For The Hiring Process

Find out how the Aerospace Transition Center (ATC) chose LinkedIn to communicate with candidates and business.  The return…

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File Jobvite: 2010 Social Recruiting Survey Results

Social media has been an engine for rapid transformation in both personal and business use of the Internet. For…

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Link GSA Social Media Directory

GSA has government service agreements with many free social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and RSS…

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Video David Roberts - Making A Business Case For Social Media

Learn why it is critical to make the business case for social media and provide education regarding use of…

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File The Department of Labor and Gov 2.0

Gov 2.0 is the government use of social media.  Learn the policy and procedures put forth by GSA for…

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Link GSA Social Media Policy

Policies and guidance on social media from the US General Services Administration (GSA).

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Video Melissa Terbrueggen - WorkSource Florida Uses Virtual Job Fair, Constant Contact And Online Polling

WorkSource Florida is using a variety of social media tools to meet changing employer demands including Virtual Job Fair,…

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Video Dave Roberts - Choosing Social Media

There are many Social Media tools available for free use.  Dave Roberts of the Office of Public Affairs,…

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Link Introduction to Social Media: Illinios workNet Center

This 5-part webinar series covers topics including: Creating a Social Media Strategy, Basics of Social Media, Social Media Tools,…

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Video David Roberts - Social Media Policy

Many federal agencies, including GSA and EPA, have comprehensive policies regarding the use of social media that your organization…

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