BSRs….This site’s for you!

Hello!  Since you’re browsing this site, we applaud your commitment as a workforce professional interested in enhancing your employer engagement strategies.  Good for you! 

Last month, the Employment & Training Administration hosted a marathon training event in Washington, D.C., with a select group of 60 Business Service Representatives (BSRs).  Our overarching goal was to facilitate conversations around new business strategies and to introduce a portfolio of e-tools designed for the workforce system.  The BSRs who attended these sessions were charged with sharing this information far and wide in their communities. Based on their insights and considerable professional expertise, the content and training materials were fine-tuned and are featured on this site. 

Now, our broader objective is to assist other BSRs with expanding their business engagement strategies.   YOUR skills can be enhanced through exciting content that will distinguish you as a workforce leader in your community.  We know that the work of a BSR is never done, and that strategies for building relationships throughout the business lifecycle are always evolving – firms may be growing, laying off, or both!  Employers may be looking for intel on  transferable skills across occupations and, of course, they are always looking for opportunities to up-skill both new and incumbent workers through targeted training. 

Providing high-quality business services is a key component for workforce and economic development practitioners, and the Employment & Training Administration is here to support your efforts.  Through this website’s resources and our LinkedIn group, we hope that you’ll continue to contribute to our understanding of what you do best. By listening to business, you’ve helped to reframe our shared mission to serve dual customers; adding value to both balance sheets and  the quality of life in the communities you serve.  And through substantive engagements over time, we salute your persistence and the excellent work you represent!


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