Getting Started

The Expanding Business Engagement (EBE) website,, houses an entire curriculum targeted at workforce staff working with business to complement their local and regional business engagement strategies.  The curriculum is presented in a series of short, easy to digest recordings along with companion facilitator guides on a variety of topics and tools for engaging business including: competency models, Labor Market Information (LMI), and using social media with employers and job seekers.

The website content continues to be updated and will soon include many new modules that get to the heart of establishing long-term relationships with business customers, defining business services based on employer needs, and recruiting and hiring in today’s economy. Below is a list of ten new webinar sessions that will also contain facilitator guides.  Most importantly, the curriculum has been road-tested by local workforce system staff from across the country to ensure that it resonates with employers and complements existing business engagement strategies.  The new curriculum is focused in three broad areas: 

  1. Clarifying the Roles and Responsibilities for Business Services Staff
  2. Developing and Aligning Services with Demand
  3. Marketing and Outreach Strategies

We invite you to join the LinkedIn functionality on the site that allows all of those dedicated professionals who serve employers to join in a collective conversation with other workforce experts from across the country.  Join us!

We hope this exciting curriculum will expand your own business engagement efforts and as you ask and receive ideas from colleagues in the field, we look forward to learning from your real-world experiences with both the website and the curriculum.

How do I use this site to conduct a training?

  • Check out the Business Engagement Website Launch Webinar. This webinar introduces the website to Business Service Representatives (BSRs) who will be using the website as a resource to conduct BSR train-the-trainer events in their communities.