Engage Business

Engaging Business is the cornerstone for Business Service Representatives (BSR)s.  In our system, we have two customers -- the business community and job seekers. Both customers are important to our work since we can't have one without the other.  This section provides tools and best practices to help better connect with our businesses so that we can better support the needs of our jobseekers.

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Training Materials

Understand, Engage, Deliver and Measure...these training materials will help you do just that. Learn how to connect and partner with your business community to address your workforce challenges.

The Competency Model Clearinghouse Tools to Learn About and Engage Business

Presented by Barbara Derwart, Marilyn Silver | Length: 30 Min.

CMC Build a Competency Model Tool

Presented by Brian Jones | Length: 7 Min.

CMC Career Ladder/Lattice Tool

Presented by Ryan Merclean | Length: 7 Min.

Value Add Resources

Check out these key resources that enhance the training materials. Learn about how your peers are adding value to the customers they serve.

Link Employer Locator

This tool identifies local businesses in specific industry sectors.

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Video Veronica Reyes - Characteristics of a Successful BSR

Two critical characteristics of a successful BSR are having a sales mentality and not being afraid of rejection. …

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Link O*NET Resource Center

The O*NET Resource Center provides great tools for you to use to accomplish important workforce development…

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Video Nestor Leon - The Attitude Of A Modern BSR

The attitude of a modern BSR is to believe that businesses are the customers and the job seeker that…

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Video Veronica Reyes - LinkedIn Creates a Professional Networking Opportunity

Workforce Solutions has also been actively using LinkedIn via the creation of an Aerospace Transition Center group to help…

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Link Salary Information

This tool provides median, high, and low wages for an occupation in a specific state or zip code area.<…

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Link Job Banks

This site helps businesses to identify job banks to post job openings and review resumes of potential candidates. State…

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Link Applying Industry Competency Models to Workforce Challenges Webinar

Listen to a recorded session where grantees describe how they use competency models to support their workforce development efforts.<…

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