Deliver Services

Deliver Services...two words that define the work of successful BSRs.  To succeed in serving the business community with workforce development solutions, our services must match the needs of our businesses.  Our continued efforts to market the full array of One-Stop services to businesses demands us to deliver on our promises.  This section provides proven solutions and programs that add value to the challenges that face the business workforce.  Take a look and learn creative ways to deliver services to your business community.

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Training Materials

Understand, Engage, Deliver and Measure...these training materials will help you do just that. Learn how to connect and partner with your business community to address your workforce challenges.

Value Add Resources

Check out these key resources that enhance the training materials. Learn about how your peers are adding value to the customers they serve.

File Facilitator Guide 1.1: Four Primary Roles for Business Services Staff
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Video Jim Lautenschleger - Develop Relationships With Employers Through OJT

Learn how to successfully develop relationships with employers through the use of on-the-job training (OJT).  Job seekers are…

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Link O*NET Resource Center

The O*NET Resource Center provides great tools for you to use to accomplish important workforce development…

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Video Ginger Dubois - Strategies To Increase Employment

Learn about  two strategies that New Hampshire is using to increase employment: partnering with temporary agencies and promoting…

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Link Salary Information

This tool provides median, high, and low wages for an occupation in a specific state or zip code area.<…

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Link Job Banks

This site helps businesses to identify job banks to post job openings and review resumes of potential candidates. State…

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File O*NET Products for Business

This O*NET Products for Business PowerPoint e-tools presentation was taught during the Using E-Tools to…

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File Facilitator Guide for Module 4: Demand-Driven Workforce Development
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Video Dianne Bell - Learns About The On-The-Job Training Toolkit

On-the-job training (OJT) is a great service to offer local employers.  Learn how one BSR, who was new…

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Link O*NET Toolkit for Business

The O*NET Toolkit for Business provides information and data for HR (Human Resources) professionals to create…

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